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We appreciate our customers and do our best to have
your cargo delivered in the shortest possible time. Here are examples of our shipments with non-standard tasks.
Seoul, Republic of Korea Irkutsk, Russia
Total weight: 21.4 kg.
Features: medical cargo consisting of glucose and dehydrogenase. Such shipments required maintaining a stable temperature of 15C. For this purpose, dry ice was poured into the cargo at transit points. More
Nose drops to Milan
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Milan, Italy
Cargo weight: 2920 kg.
Features: In order to speed up shipping and reduce the cost, the cargo is divided into two parts - general and dangerous goods. A declaration of dangerous goods was drawn up and certified packing was done. More
Cysts of cancer artemia salina
Barnaul, Russia Chennai, India
Cargo weight: 3,036 kg, 120 pieces.
Features: Usually artemia crustaceans are shipped with temperature regime, but this time there was no need because the cargo was dry powder. The shipment was arranged with the help of Emirates Airline via Dubai. More
LED track lights
Guangzhou, China Moscow, Russia
The weight of the cargo was 2 tons, 84 pieces.
Features: Usually such cargo is classified as dangerous, but due to the absence of batteries the cargo was classified as general cargo. This made it possible to reduce the required documents to a minimum and save on the base rate. More
Novosibirsk, Russia Moscow, Russia
Cargo weight: 1387 kg, 100 pieces.
Features: Fast preparation of documents made it possible to carry out shipment in less than 2 days: we received the request during the day, and by the evening of the next day the cargo was already at the consignee. More
Dangerous/non-dangerous scanner
Moscow, Russia Changi, Singapore
Cargo weight 30 720 kg, 3 pieces.
Features: According to the technical data sheet, the cargo containing magnets is considered dangerous. Having performed additional measurements, it was found that the indicators do not exceed the norm and the cargo can be sent as non-hazardous. This helped reduce the cost of shipment. More
Industrial equipment
Harbin, China Moscow, Russia
Weight of cargo: 11.2 tons, 11 pieces.
Features: The weight of one piece was a ton, and was packed in wooden crates.
The cargo was delivered by direct flight in 3 working days. More
Hookah liquid
Moscow, Russia Tel-Aviv, Israel
Cargo weight: 769 kg, 38 pieces.
Features: The cargo was handed over in improper condition - the boxes were upside down and half of the boxes did not meet the requirements of the shipment. Repackaged and delivered the shipment to final destination. More
Artemia crayfish salina
Moscow, Russia Mexico City, Mexico
Weight: 6,983 kg, 17 pallets.
Features: Exports to Mexico were routed through Paris. On board and at the airports, the temperature regime was +2C +4C. More
Nutritional supplements
Shanghai, China Moscow, Russia
The weight of the cargo is 1.5 tons.
Features: Food products made from plants require, in addition to the standard set of documents, a phytosanitary certificate and a certificate of conformity. More
Novosibirsk, Russia Tokyo, Japan
Cargo weight: 1.3 kg.
Features: According to the international classification, precious stones are considered to be valuable cargo (VAL).A number of necessary documents were collected for the shipment, which also included a specification for the valuable cargo. More
Turboshaft engine for civil helicopters
Moscow, Russia Montreal, Canada
Cargo weight: 378 kg.
Features: The cargo is classified as dangerous, code - UN3528. Necessary documents and dangerous goods declaration have been collected. Transit flight through France. More
Sulfate turpentine
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Paris, France
Cargo weight: 250 g.
Features: carriage of dangerous goods, which required a full list of documents: AWB, Invoice, Packing List, Contract, Customs Declaration and Dangerous Goods Declaration.
Urgent cargo delivery took 2 days. More
Your shipping can be here
Point of departure Destination
Cargo weight: X kg, YY seats.
Features: there will be features of the cargo, terms, route. List of required documents. How did we manage to reduce the cost of transportation or minimize the time. And anything that might seem important or interesting. More
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Do you deliver cargo from Europe under sanctions?

Yes, we do.

How the cargo should be packaged?
  • The package must be made of a material that can withstand the load of the packaged cargo.
  • The package must be free of sharp corners and access to the cargo.
  • Each package must be labeled with the name of the shipper and the consignee.
Can we deliver cargo without documents?

For international shipments the documents are mandatory.

Why is shipping up to 45 kg expensive?

Airlines are interested in loading the plane as much as possible. The bigger the cargo, the lower the price. There are also fees that do not depend on the weight of the cargo, such as customs clearance, so it is expensive per kg.

Which destinations can ship cargo to?

We work in all directions where planes fly.

Why can’t we tell you the price of transportation right away?

The cost of shipment depends on a large number of, so it is often difficult to estimate the cost even approximately. To calculate the cost of transportation in our company there is a special department, which for each shipment individually searches for the best route, selects airlines, etc., and the large number of requests does not allow to do it in 5 minutes.

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